Thursday, May 17, 2012


I've collected a number of what I'm calling "Zen Toons" from the internet this year, and I thought it would be fun to share them, along w/ a touch of personal insight.

I start with this one, not only because it makes me laugh, but because I also had to look in the mirror on this one a bit.

There are days - most of them - when I feel far from 'one with the universe', so I get a little excited when I've managed to sit at the Shambhala Center for two whole rounds of sitting (roughly an hour), or have kept a regiment of home meditation for more than a few days.  But, then I quickly get knocked off my little throne of faux-enlightenment by being reminded that the real challenge in being present doesn't happen on the cushion, it happens at my desk, in the house, and on the streets.  It's talking to my kids at the red light instead of checking my emails on my phone.  It's continuing to write that story instead of surfing over to Twitter for the instant gratification of a clever post.  It's acting with intention rather than via distraction.

It's a hard road, and I would imagine, while those who came before us had things that knocked them off of the path of consistent awareness, we as a society have managed to really raise the bar on ways to remove ourselves from the here and now.

So, perhaps we all deserve a little inner Ka-Ching! when we actually do realize we've managed to navigate our way past the many gadgets and mediums that nibble away at our mindfulness.  But don't live in that dharmic glory for more than a moment.  Like all thoughts, acknowledge it and let it go.  Because there's another moment to live fully coming right after that.  And we need everyone we can get.


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