Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oh Well. Whatever. Nevermind. And Thank You...

Twenty years ago today, Nirvana's "Nevermind" was released.

Whatever you think of the cacophonous energy that album has to offer, I think it's important to note one sea change that took place at the time.

September 1991.

Here's what was ruling the airwaves:

Color Me Badd
C&C Music Factory
Amy Grant
Wilson Phillips
Michael Bolton
Vanilla Ice
Mariah Carey
Naughty By Nature
Will to Power
Milli Vanilli

Before Kurt tragically ended his own life, he took aim and laid to waste hair metal bands, boy bands, vapid pop acts, soulless vocal acrobats, and a seemingly endless stream of sheen-over-substance artists in an era that bragged, "Image is everything".  His weapons of choice was authenticity, unpolished emotion, and raw admittance of not even pretending to have the answers.

Sure, banal music reared its head again.  I know you can't kill mediocrity.  But, you can shine a light on it and remind people to ask for something better.  Artists who write their own songs.  Play their own instruments. Hell, artists who sing their own songs.

Thanks, Kurt, Kris, and Dave, for inviting a generation of misfits to "Come As You Are".

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